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Victory Malt - Briess - 22.7kg

Victory Malt - Briess - 22.7kg



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Victory Malt - Briess - 22.7kg

This Victory malt is part of the Biscuit-style malts. It has an aroma of baking bread. Victory malt is well suited for Nut Brown Ales and other dark beers. Its clean flavour makes it well suited for ales and lagers alike. Use in small amounts to add complexity and warm colour to lighter coloured ales and lagers.

Flavours and characteristics

Deep golden to brown hues. Toasty, biscuity, baking bread, nutty, clean


  • 2-8% Doppelbock, Mild Ales
  • 5-15 Amber ales and lagers, Brown Ales
  • 5-25% Scotch ales and other dark beers


°L: 21

Beer styles

Mild ales, Doppelbock, Amber ales, Lagers, Brown ales, Scotch ales

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