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Midnight Wheat Malt - Briess

Midnight Wheat Malt - Briess

$4.18 per 454g (Sold in bulk)


Midnight Wheat Malt - Briess

Midnight Wheat Malt is a great way to introduce richness in colour to low coloured beers and contribute towards the smooth darkness of darker coloured beers as well. This malt is a low bitterness malt that can bring some subtle roasted flavours to your brew. As with any malt differing quantities can influence in different ways but Midnight Wheat probably includes the least amount of astringent flavours towards beers with high percentage of roasted malts.

Try this malt in styles like Schwarzbier or a Black IPA where the dark colour is desired but not always the intensity of roasted or chocolate flavours. Or just use it as a mild colour adjuster.


  • 1-2% will lend almost no flavour to lighter coloured beers while attaining a richer and slightly darker colour
  • 2-5% will adjust the colour and lend a pleasant flavour
  • 5-7%, a larger amount of the malt can influence the colour quite a bit and introduce roasted flavours to the beer


°L: 550


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