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Chocolate Wheat Malt - Weyermann

Chocolate Wheat Malt - Weyermann

$3.00 per 454g (Sold in bulk)


Chocolate Wheat Malt - Weyermann

Chocolate Wheat malt is gently roasted. This malt is a good substitute for a standard Chocolate Malt. It Adds deep opaque colour and complex flavours to very dark ales, stouts and porters.

Flavours and characteristics

Intensive dark chocolate notes, mild-roasted aromatic; coffee and bread notes


Up to 5%


°L: 340 - 453

Beer styles

Porter: Baltic Porter, American Porter, Chocolate Porter, Imperial Porter
Stout: Irish Extra Stout, Foreign Extra Stout, Imperial Stout, Russian Imperial Stout
Belgian Strong Ale: Quadrupel
German Ale: Altbier
IPA: Black IPA
Wheat Beer: Dunkles Weizen, Weizenbock

Possible substitutes

Chocolate Malt - Bairds
Midnight Wheat Malt - Briess
Carafa Special I Malt - Weyermann
Carafa Special II Malt - Weyermann


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