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Torrified Wheat - Canada Malting Co.

Torrified Wheat - Canada Malting Co.

$2.32 per 454g (Sold in bulk)


Torrified Wheat - Canada Malting Co.

Torrified Wheat or Insta Grains Soft Red Wheat Whole Kernel has been heat treated to break the cellular structure, allowing more rapid hydration and malt enzymes to more completely attack the starches and protein. Therefore torrified wheat can be used in place of raw wheat when making Belgian-style White and Wit beers. Advantages over raw wheat include normal conversion time and higher yield.

Mill medium coarse. Add to the mash along with the malt and mash as usual. To increase lautering time, include a small amount of rice hulls.


Up to 40% of the total grist bill


°L: 1.5


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